Wednesday, November 12, 2008

on my desk on a wednesday

On my desk on a Wednesday is a real mess:I really do need to tidy it up before I start making anything else.

I had this idea in my head the other night when I was trying to go to sleep, so last night I made a couple of prototypes: I will make some more with a few modifications but I'm pretty happy with them otherwise - the wood in the background is not actually wood at all - it's textured card, honestly - it does look like real wood doesn't it.

It's been a while since I posted a pic of Stevie. I think she wanted to prove that she does actually use one of her (many) cat beds we have bought her: She is sitting here right next to me whilst I type away - comfy and warm on her fluffy radiator bed. She's improved remarkably really - we're so happy that she seems quite normal now - so normal in fact that she brought another (live) mouse into the house last night. The usual happened - I yelled, she dropped the mouse and the mouse ran off to find a hiding place. This one was much much quicker than the last one, and quick as a flash it hid underneath the fridge, and I had to wait 45 mins for Mr Monda to come home so we could liberate it!

Thanks to everyone who commented on the daylight bulb/lamp from my last post. I managed to find a few energy saving daylight bulbs on the internet so I think I'll probably try one out.


Missfil said...

I love your three !

Ali said...

Like your scrappy trees!

Your mouse, less.

Jodie said...

I thought they were selvedge trees for a minute - they look great. Love that idea - totally love it.

Kate said...

Hey! thanks for your comments... I've seen Northwood Studios before but never ordered from them, but I see they have a hand stamp so will definitely look into that.. thanks! Love the little trees, very cute :)

Michele said...

Awww, what a beautiful cat! Those are just amazing.

raspberry said...

Wow, my pincushion in use!! And fantastic little trees, also I don't believe that is card, please prove it!

summerfete said...

glad stevie is perky though I'm not sure I'd like mouse in the house!
Love your trees really lovely!

Simo said...

Monda, sei fantastica!!!
You are fantastic!!!!

Moogsmum said...

Oooh I love your scrappy trees - they're gorgeous!!

Stevie is looking so well - all shiny and fluffy - you must be so thrilled after she was so ill :-)