Friday, November 28, 2008

feeling festive?

It's been a bit quiet in the monda camp this week. I have been lurgified for most of the week with a stomach bug, then when I did feel well enough to go back to work on Wednesday I got a migraine on the way to work and had to come home again. I have slept a lot this week, which is no bad thing. I'm pleased to say that I do feel much better at this end of the week.
Until now, I hadn't been feeling remotely festive, however these have certainly helped:
These little ceramic trees with buttons have been my annual purchase of handmade decorations. These were made by organiser extraordinaire Lauren, who is the brains behind Reveal.
I spent today over at Reveal with Lauren and Louise (from Marmalade). We were there to fend off the masses of people beating the door down assist the steady trickle of visitors, and whilst there I also managed to make a few more bird decorations.
Tomorrow is the last day of reveal and so far I've had a pretty good week. I will still be doing a shop update on Sunday (with Christmas Stockings for those who have enquired), and will put a quick note on here when I'm done.

To add a little more festive spirit, I've opened up my box of virtual xmas decs, and changed my blog banner. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...


emma lamb said...

Love the new banner!!!
I can't believe it's the 1st of december on monday - it always seems to creep up on me because of working on spring stuff!

Sounds like you've been very poorly :( i'm pleased you're starting to feel better though.

Ali said...

I loved Lauren's button ceramics too.

And today in our house is designated pre-christmas-cleaning day.

Katy said...

whoo! christmas!!!!

Lina said...

Well I am feeling festive now...your banner is just lovely!

Kitty said...

The new banner is wonderful - the colours are just 'right'.

Sorry to hear you've been poorly-sick :-( Hope you feel much, much better soon.