Wednesday, November 05, 2008

on my desk on a wednesday

I haven't done 'on my desk on a Wednesday' for a while, but as I am not at work today, I thought I would take a quick break to blog.

So, here are a couple of things that are on my desk today...
Handmade ceramic tiles which I bought in Portugal recently:Some tags which Mr Monda kindly printed, cut and punched for me:and a snippit of my latest wip:on a different note, have you ever wondered what your cats do when you go to work? Well today mine have clearly staked a claim on my bed:Yesterday I came home to find them both in the bathroom playing with a live mouse! eek. I yelled at the cats, Stevie picked up the mouse, then dropped him again. The poor mouse then ran straight into the jaws of mellie, and she ran off out of the bathroom with me on her tail. I was yelling at her, so she dropped the mouse, and quick as a flash, without even thinking, I scooped the mouse off the floor, cupped him in my hands and took him outside and set him free at the end of my garden, where he promptly ran off. I just hope he got over the shock and survived.
It was only at the point of releasing him that I thought ' OMG, I just picked up a live mouse with my bare hands!' Fun and games.


Kitty said...

Gosh, those cheeky cats. Mind you, I laughed at mine the other day, all cuddled up on my bed. They're not silly, are they?

I'm still aiming for Saturday, but you should know that No.2 is a very poorly chap at the moment. I'm crossing everything that he's better by then!


Lesley said...

I love those tiles and Mr Monda has done a grand job on those tags!

As for the mouse - eeeeek!! Were you shaking afterwards? I know I would have been!


emma lamb said...

I wish Spanner would go off and find his cosy spot, generally he just sits under my desk and farts all day! Thank god for nice smelling candles :)

Gina said...

Oh no! I'm not scared of mice but don't think I could pick up a live one!
Love those tags!

jojoebi said...

I Love those little lables, as for mice, I grew up in an old farm cottage and one day put my riding boot to discover something wriggling around inside, it was a field mouse and I nearly wet my pants! Always check your boots before putting them on!

Kyoko said...

How cute are your cats!!! I always wonder what they are doing. Your cats look so content on your bed. It's so funny that each one of them managed to place themselves in front of a pillow. :D
I really love the labels BTW.

Katy said...

well done for getting the mouse with your bare hands!

I do like how the kittys have chosen a side each. Just like Mummy and Daddy Monda. Bless ;)

monkee maker said...

Lovely pictures in today's post .... such a shame you didn't get a shot of your little mousey mate though!

Loving the 'used to be' tags.


Milena said...

Just stumbled over your blog. I think your art is lovely! Wish I could go to the fair in Oxford! I also love the picture of your cats lying on your bed and the story with the mouse! I have the same duvet cover btw:) Love it, never get tired of it! x x