Monday, August 20, 2007

love is all around

It's definitely wedding season right now - I've been asked to make loads of cards for weddings lately, and the ones below are a few examples of things I have made this weekend. On Sunday I went to a wedding of a work colleague - it was an Indian wedding, and I had been told that 'bling' was the order of the day :o) There were many bright colours worn, and the bride was wearing bright pink, so this heart that I made for the card suited the theme perfectly The next wedding was again for work colleagues, this time a bit more traditional - the cake was machine sewn and hand finished and the hearts were sewn by hand (whilst watching TV!)And the last card topper I made was for an engagement card (again made whist watching Sunday morning TV) I also found a small window of time at the weekend to use some of my new fabric/tops and I have a half made monster sitting waiting for me at my desk. Perhaps I'll get time to finish him after work tomorrow, and if i do, he'll be here for all to see.
Watch this space...


Monkee Maker said...

Hi Monda,

Gorgeous card toppers, your sewing is so neat!

And your monster, Mieke, inspired us to have a bit of a monster-off of our own this last rainy weekend. It was good fun but way too much like hard work!

I think I'll leave the monsters to the professional in future and stick to monkeys!

sal said...

They're so very lovely, and however do you get machine knitting so neat?