Tuesday, September 21, 2010

thrifty weekend

I visit the local car boot sale most weekends - it's quite a big one and there is always lots on offer - although you really need to be picky.  I tend to steer clear of the resellers of new items (aside from the man who sells stationery and packaging supplies) as they don't really tend to hold my interest.
I do enjoy picking through boxes that have come from a loft/shed/garage as this is where I tend to find the kind of thing I'm looking for, and often there are a few gems hiding under the surface.
This weekend I picked up quite a few goodies - some vintage embroidery threads, which also had a packet of needles tucked into the box, some vintage button cards from Jones&Co and what I can only describe as a pigeon hole cupboard, which will be prefect for the spare room/office/studio when it undergoes the planned overhaul (soon).


Gina said...

What super car boot finds. I only ever seem to find the chipped china!

Grace & Favour Home said...

Oh wow! Love love love the pigeon hole thingy!!

Locket Pocket said...

What fantastic finds! I'm jealous of them all! ;o) Lucy x