Friday, November 20, 2009

red and white

I know it's only 20th November but Christmas has been happening here for the last few weeks. The rest of this post is brought to you by the colours red and white:Still madly preparing for handm@de Oxford on 29th Nov. Will you be coming along?

a little bit of black and white was also quite intrigued by the arrival of the tree:


Claire Hurd Design said...

I love your decorations! I hope to make it to Handm@de Oxford so shall come and say hello. It is the weekend before I do Handm@de Cambridge for the first time so I may be after some last minute tips!

The Curious Cat said...

ooo pretty! Would love to come but no money to my name until payday on the Monday! Drat... I'm sure it will be wonderfully festive and fun though - is there one for London?! :( xxx

picciolo said...

I love your red and white! I hope his weekend goes well for you
: )

Kyoko said...

hehe!! LLLOOOVEE the last shot. Christmas tree is the best toy for cats! I am too scared to have one in my home because I know Kumo and Wata will just destroy it.
The decorations look wonderful :D Good luck in handm@de Oxford!
Have a wonderful weekend ;)