Saturday, September 27, 2008

the weekend blogger?

I am becoming a weekend blogger - not really by choice and I don't think it was last forever, but weekends are the only time I seem to have to blog at the moment.

When I woke up this morning it was a really misty morning, and quite eerie outside - It was really quiet too. I popped outside with the camera and took lots of pictures of spider webs. I think I may have frightened the postman in my black PJ bottoms, blue hoodie and bright pink slippers, not to mention my bed head and unwashed face!
The spider webs were literally everywhere you look. They are probably always there at this time of year but we never see them unless they are fresh with morning dew, helped along by the mistat 8.30am I was reading some emails, and making a start on my blogger reading list - after this the plan for the day was to make a start on my 'to do' list, especially as the 2 fairs that I am taking part in are rapidly approaching.
At 9.10am I got a call from the shop where I purchased my sofa to tell me they were ready to deliver tomorrow (i.e.Sunday). I was really shocked for a couple of reasons - we were told it would take 7-10 days, but imagined this would be more like 3-4 weeks, as these type of things usually take longer than you are told they will take. It had only been 7 days since we bought it! Wow! I was also really shocked because we still had both of our old sofa's and hadn't arranged for them to be taken away yet. eek. My plans for the day were well and truly scuppered.

Today we have spent the day dismantling the sofa - we had to dismantle it as we live in a first floor flat, and the two of us had no chance in getting it out the door and down the steps - getting it in was a trauma.
We stripped off all the cushions - keeping a bit of the stuffing from the cushion pads for me to repurpose for my softies, then we sawed our biggest sofa in half right down the middle. Thankfully we didn't need to saw the smaller sofa - we managed to get it out the house in one piece. It's times like this we wish we had a house with big patio doors.
I had to move all my work, fabrics, sewing machine etc into the spare room (after dismantling my spare bed, which went to a new home today too). The spare room is now a makeshift studio (very makeshift, it needs a BIG sort out).

Dismantling, cleaning and moving furniture has taken us all day, and we are now sitting in the lounge on the floor, with all of our bones and muscles aching.
Mr Monda is also suffering from a cold, so is feeling extra knackered, but on the bright side, we achieved a lot today, and we will sleep very well tonight! (and I have a makeshift studio)

I took a break this evening to take this pic - a real contrast to the cold eerie misty morning of the start of the dayI'll be back tomorrow no doubt with pics of my makeshift studio and my new sofa, and perhaps some of the things I have made. There just isn't enough hours in the day sometimes is there.


emma + spanner said...

Woo-hoo! - makeshift studio, I hope it's going to be a permanent one?
Great spider webs, I love their constrution and seeing all the little mistakes - just so long as there isn't a spider sitting on it!

Joleo said...

I have two jiggernormous spiders living outside my kitchen and spare room windows. I'm just praying neither of them are female and pregnant!

Looking forward to seeing your new studio - it's a nice thing to have dedicated space to work in.

dottydesigns said...

look forward to tomorrows blog with new sofa pics and studio, woohoo X

Lesley said...

There's a particularly spidery hedge on our way to school and we had a great time today checking out the freshly wrapped flies in each one!

Off now to check out that new sofa :)


Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Such a peaceful shot of the cobweb. Lovely. :)