Sunday, September 21, 2008

S is for Sunday, softies, sofa's and singers!

I haven't blogged for an entire week. I'm suffering from the same thing I was suffering from this time last year. This is my busiest time of year work wise (day job) - I have deadlines to meet which are crucial to the success of the business - no pressure then. This means that all my energy and time is going into work and not a lot else. I'm not really moaning - just explaining my absence from my blog and from making.
Today, I have managed to steal some time, and have made a first draft 'to do' list, cut some patterns, and started to make some softie prototypes - my plan being to have 5-6 different softie designs in my shop at any one time, and something that people would recognise as being a monda creation.

This little bunny prototype was a reworking of something I made earlier this year. He will be hopping off elsewhere very soon. I do quite like him, although I think he needs to be a bit fatter (or I just need to allow properly for seam allowances when I cut patterns from my drawings!).

Now for something completely different. I think I have a bit of a problem, as I am just a little too excited by this:This weekend was the first time I have ever been to a shop and purchased a sofa in my life. All the sofa's I have owned so far have been second hand from family members.
I was initially planning to buy a red leather sofa, but after seeing them in the shops yesterday I just wasn't sure that my lounge was big enough for a red sofa, as it's quite a statement really.
I will need to make some new cushions for my sofa of course and I think I'll stick with reds, but maybe also throw a few browns into the mix too.

and finally a Sunday treat for you. Mr Monda has been listening to this today. He's a Yorkshireman and he identifies with this - a lot! I can't get it our of my head and will probably wake up with this in my head tomorrow. What do you think?


lucykate crafts... said...

omg, how spooky, we have a red leather sofa, and my other half is a bit of a john shuttleworth fan (has even seen him live)!

love the bunnies tail by the way! : )

Kitty said...

I know what you mean about red - in my last bedroom I had lots of red, but my new room is much smaller, and all I can see is "RED!!!" so I'm going to change the colour scheme. I think red and brown will look gorgeous.

The bunny is fab - especially his tail.

I keep meaning to email you and ask when that big craft sale you and your sister are doing, is. And where, exactly? I think I'll try to pop along and say 'hello'.


Gina said...

That bunny is gorgeous - love his tail!

Rachelmp said...

Just love that bunny! We have just bought a brown sofa and I'm making some red cushions too, and have a brown and aqua quilt to toss on it too. Yours looks great in that space.

Joleo said...

Funny - our last sofa was red, but when it came time to change it (what with the bottom falling out of it and wotnot) we went for brown leather. Easier and cheaper to change the cushions in the long run...God I must have got old.

Katy said...

cute bunny!
Congratulations on your first sofa purchase - you're a proper grown up now ;)

John Shuttleworth is hilarious isn't he? I disagree with him though. I can quite easily eat my pudding and then go back for more savoury. But then again, I can quite easily eat all day long....sigh.

Lesley said...

I love your little bunny - great tail!!

That is a very grown up sofa. How exciting - I've still never had a new one but one day maybe!

Our current sofa's were from Freecycle - how classy am I?!!!


emma + spanner said...

I bought my first new sofa a couple of years ago, chocolate brown too, but not leather. Then got a dog who sheds white hair like it's going out of fashion - D'OH!

Very cute bunny btw, love the tail!

Lucy Carlson said...

seriously cute him! Leather sofa and
boys are a no-no here!