Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ahoy there matey!

I'm currently sailing the baltic sea from Stockholm to Copenhagen - isn't it amazing that I can email from a cruise ship! Anyway just popping by quickly, apologies for the lack of photo's here today, one thing I cannot do from here is post any pictures (?). Re the picture of Stockholm, this was not one of my own sadly - borrowed it from google images, however I will have some great pictures to share at a later date - especially a really nice one from last night of the moon shining over the sea - really amazing picture post card type view that I have been really lucky to experience and photograph. The sun is shining today, but the wind is, well windy, and pretty chilly (or Baltic whould be apt in this case).
Anyway, off for a buffet lunch and some bingo with the old ladies!



Lesley said...

Sounds fantastic Monda! Are you dining with the captain while aboard?


Kitty said...

All the 4s ... Forty Four! Two fat ladies ... Eighty Eight! Hope you managed to get a full card, or whatever it is you have to get to win a prize.

Take care. x

Aglaya said...

Stockholm to Copenhagen that sounds like a long cruise. I hope you didn't get seasickness. I've only sailed from Calais to Dover, which isn't that far and it was tricky to keep balance :)

Anyway I just wanted to say hi :)

Take care and have a good time!

Annie said...

Your Jodie quilt in Ballarat is just georgous. She was swelling with excitement when she showed me yesterday.