Saturday, February 22, 2014


I signed up to the Lilla Rogers bootcamp recently, just to give myself a bit of focus and a challenge.
I'm finding it quite difficult to find enough time for me and my work. Whilst being a mummy was the job I most wanted in the world (and incidentally it still is) I've found that I can't really turn off the creative side of me, so the bootcamp works perfectly for me because it's not a full time thing. It's a 6 month online course with assignments and deadlines, but it's not full on - it's enjoyable, and gives me lots of new design work for my portfolio too.

Our first assignment was a cuckoo themed one. Initially to sketch and create lots of hand drawn images and icons - which I don't do enough these days, and then to turn those into a design for a phone case. I've really enjoyed the first assignment, and could run and run with this theme. Bring on assignment 2!

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Josie said...

How gorgeous are those little birdies!? I am in awe of such talent, thanks so much for sharing. (BTW, glad it wasn't one of 'those' boot camps!)