Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I really didn't mean to be absent from my blog for such a long time. Things just seem to have been running away from me this last week. There is lots going on and plenty to distract me away from my blog, not least trying to get the house sorted out in time for Christmas and a visit from the in-laws this weekend. I'm trying to tidy, clean and declutter everything, including my studio/office/guest room.
Part if this tidying is working out what to do with my prototype printed softies:

Grey kitty and Lilac kitty are by no means perfect. Grey has a wonky bottom edge and Lilac doesn't have enough stuffing, but aside from that they are both quite lovely. I was going to put them in my shop as 'sample' items but have decided instead to offer them to anyone who reads my blog.
So if you'd like the practically perfect in every way (in a Mary Poppins style) Grey or Lilac just leave me a comment on this post before the end of the day on Thursday 15th Dec telling me which one you'd like. I'll pick recipients at random.
I can only post to the UK this time (sorry world wide folks) and will do my best to get them posted in time for Christmas.


Emma Diffey said...

'Imperfect' in the handmade world = Perfect in the real world!! love love love Grey Kitty. Merry Christmas Monda x

Olive Rankin said...

I have a wonky bottom edge as well so I'm sure grey would feel right at home in our house!
merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Oh they are SO beautiful! I think my little Matilda would love grey kitty (me too!) - she asked for a real life kitten for Christmas, but I'm sure she would be much happier with one of these snuggly ones!

Holly Surplice said...

Ooh, I left a comment yesterday and it hasn't gone up for some reason : (
I love love love these and the grey one is just like my sisters cat who my daughter loves so I'd have to choose who to give it to but either way it would be loved to pieces!

Purvika said...

Ohhh, poor little lilac cat, has someone been knocking the stuffing out of her. We'd love to give her a home and bring her back to life! We can't have cats, my husband is allergic, so we'd love to have this one!