Tuesday, November 15, 2011

stocking up

Why, when I am so busy (with my massive making to do list) does my head fill with ideas of new things to design and make?
I'm still busy beavering away making lots more supplies for my upcoming Christmas selling events, but seemed to find a couple of hours yesterday to design a DIY cut and sew advent calendar (latest spoonflower competition)  and a couple of stockings:
fits on a yard of fabric

fits on a FQ of fabric

fits on a FQ of fabric

The benefit of being so busy is that I don't have time to procrastinate over a design. With this design, it was just a case of getting it done as quickly as possible. It's very easy to spend hours arranging and rearranging elements in a design but it's nice to change the pace up a little from time to time too.

These will all be available to purchase soon. I just need to see the samples to check they are all good first.

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