Thursday, November 04, 2010

twit twoo

I've been thinking about making embroidered canvasses for a while now. I bought some canvasses yonks ago, and they've been sitting her waiting to be used, along with my fabric mountains of new and thrifted vintage fabrics.
This little owl is the first one that I finished. I've made a couple already and will be taking them to the fairs I'll be doing this month and next:
The floral print in the top section is a vintage Sanderson print which I love, and came from a pair of curtains that I picked up at my local car boot sale.


Emma Loves Stitching said...

Really cute Owl picture, love it-very retro!!

Mel said...

This is a cute owl! hoo hoo!! :-)

Zane Wooder said...

I dunno what's cuter the eyes of the owl or the little legs. I've come to the conclusion that both are equally cute to me.

-Zane of ontario honey